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The group of Massage Practitioners is trained for the following Relaxation Techniques and Services

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Swedish Massage, developed centuries ago, is a gentle touch using specific strokes on the superficial muscle layers. Relaxation, stress reduction, and tissue repair are achieved by stimulation of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. Tissue oxygenation, toxin release, and improved immune system are accomplished. Swedish is the basis of all massage techniques.

Injury Rehabilitation combines a variety of techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, muscle energy techniques, Swedish gymnastics, trigger point therapy (myotherapy or neuromuscular release) structural release (pin and stretch), strain-counterstrain and lymphatic drainage. Cranial sacral, Reiki and cupping are also included in treatment at times. Practitioners use techniques appropriate for the injury and restoration of function.

Pregnancy Massage is specifically designed for a woman's prenatal and postpartum needs. Proper positioning and support insures safety and comfort for both mother and baby. Emotional support, physical nurturing and teaching relaxation techniques are important factors in the treatment plan.

Hot Stone Massage is performed with smooth water-heated stones in the practitioner's hands. The direct warmth relaxes muscles and produces a sedative effect. It is a deep healing massage technique.

Sports Massage is primarily geared toward pre and post athletic event sessions. Before an event it will assist in promoting peak performance, improving flexibility and decreasing injury risk. Reducing muscle soreness and swelling, releasing toxins and increasing circulation are post event treatment goals.

Zentherapy® is a combination of methods and techniques from Eastern and Western cultures used to assist the removal of pain, stress, trauma and energy blocks from the connective tissue of the body. A series of ten (10) sessions is designed to organize, balance and align the human structure within itself and the universe.

Cupping Therapy, a method of myofascial release, is a 3,000 year old medical treatment that employs localized suction to draw out toxins, increase circulation and promote healing. Cups in a range of sizes (1" to 3") and materials (glass, plastic, silicone) are applied to the skin. The session may be solely cupping or may be combined with Swedish or injury rehabilitation.

Cranial Sacral is a light touch technique that works with the rhythmic movement of cerebrospinal fluid. Restrictions are released to improve the flow and activity of the central nervous system.

Reiki, Japanese form of energy healing, is for those who wish treatment at the mind, body, and spiritual level. Soft touch hand placement allows energy to be delivered wherever it is most needed in the body. Balance and a sense of total well being are created.

Reflexology, an ancient healing art, is based on the idea that areas of feet, hands and ears correlate with all systems and organs of the body. Stimulating specific reflex points can help restore balance to bodily functions. "Zone Therapy" is another term for reflexology.

Herbal Body Wrap is a relaxing and invigorating detoxification. Linens saturated with a warm multi-herbal solution surround the body. The cleansing herbs are absorbed and toxins are released through your skin as you rest.

Ionic Foot Detoxification is a total body cleanse at the cellular level. It is the process of electrical impulses sent through the feet traveling the entire body to draw toxins out into a foot bath. An increase in the health and life span of cells results in an increase in the health and life span of the whole body.

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